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Steven Lowy’s newest work in ‘Solar Sculpture’ is an outgrowth of his longstanding interest in alternative energy and is also in keeping with his business lineage.

Outdoor Solar Sculptures

Steven Lowy is an established presence in the art world with over 40 years of experience as a gallery owner, independent curator, private art advisor and exhibiting artist.

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owy’s most recent work in 'solar sculpture' is an outgrowth of his longstanding interest in alternative energy and is also in keeping with his lineage — his family owned and operated an electrical contracting firm for nearly 100 years (Lowy & Donnath Electrical Construction, Inc., founded by Lowy’s grandfather in 1919 and still in operation today, holds license #1 for electrical construction in New York City). The son of an electrical engineer and interior designer, Lowy became intrigued by the notion of applying aesthetics to solar installations to create solar structures that would be pleasing to the eye with the potential to generate usable energy.

In preparing for the Mezzaluna Series, the artist spent several years refining designs, building models and applying for design patents. Incorporating improvements in photo-voltaic technology and new efficiencies in LED technologies, Lowy has recently completed his first series of solar sculpture.

In 2018 Lowy won his first juried competition with Butterfly Effect 80, which is 26.5” high x 53” long with a capacity of 80 watts. It was on display on the campus of SUNY Oswego for 3 years.

Other designs underway include a traditional solar array interwoven with green plantings. Newer work is larger, incorporates more sustainable materials and eliminates the need for stained glass in favor of programmable luminous panels.

Another new design can face east/west (as opposed to south) and will eventually combine both solar and wind power.

Beyond their aesthetic appeal, each sculpture can be coupled with more traditional solar installations to help offset private or commercial electric consumption while also meeting "1% for art" requirements for public art projects. Lowy is now planning projects that will include wind energy in order to facilitate energy generation both day and night.

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